Games and Interactive Fun

Interactive Inflatables and Inflatable Games provide the perfect addition to teen parties, adult parties, After-Prom parties, College Parties, Middle School, and Elementary school events. If you are trying to please a group that is competitive, you have come to the right place! At NM Party Rentals we offer more than your standard bounce house rental company, our Interactive Inflatables are our specialty and they offer exactly what you want  in the way of inflatables that challenge all different age levels. They are a great way to get teens up, moving, and having a good time. Trying to find activities for teens and adults can be really difficult, but we can help you with that.  Give one or some of our interactive games a try at your next event and watch the competition begin. Also, be sure to check out our Inflatable Water Slide Rentals and other items, especially during the hot Albuquerque summers. 

 Inter-actives include such items as bungee games, Hungry Hippo, Inter-active Play System Light Games, Soccer Darts, Inflatable football toss, basketball games and much more.  The awesome thing about the inter-actives is that most all of them include multi-player games for competition and quick put through. Most of our inter-active inflatables are between 2 and 4 player games.  They will test your skill, speed, agility, and physical stamina at every level. NM Party Rentals has a huge selection of inter-actives at different sizes and price levels to choose from. You will not be disappointed in what we have to offer, take a look below.

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Games and Interactive Fun for Rent

Elevate your event with games and interactive fun rentals, perfect for engaging everyone with immersive activities and friendly competition. Whether it’s giant board games, carnival-style challenges, or high-tech interactive setups, these rentals ensure endless entertainment for all ages.
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Dive into a world of excitement with our Games and Interactive Fun rentals! Whether you’re looking to challenge your friends with thrilling competitions or engage in captivating activities that get everyone involved, this category has it all. Imagine inflatable obstacle courses where you can race head-to-head, giant Jenga stacking for a game of nerve and skill, or even interactive sports games that bring out your competitive spirit. Perfect for parties, school events, or any gathering needing a burst of energy and enjoyment! Get ready to laugh, play, and create memories that last a lifetime.